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Select a Tumi Alpha Accessories - Coin Wallet Color

Updated: 1/25/20
Tumi Bags
Baltic Tumi Alpha Accessories - Coin Wallet

Baltic Tumi Alpha Accessories - Coin Wallet

Black Leather Tumi Alpha Accessories - Coin Wallet

Black Leather Tumi Alpha Accessories - Coin Wallet is proud to offer the Tumi - Alpha Accessories - Coin Wallet (Baltic) - Bags and Luggage: The Coin Wallet - 19237 is part of the Tumi Alpha collection. ; The Coin Wallet is crafted from Tumi's signature ballistic nylon with leather trim. ; Soft leather interior lining. ; Features include three card slots, two pockets, snap coin pocket and bill divider. ; Dimensions: 4.75 wide x 3.75 high. Measurements: ; Bottom Width: 4 1 2 in

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