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Select a Chrome Pawn Roll-Top Bag Color

Updated: 10/18/19
Chrome Bags
Black Chrome Pawn Roll-Top Bag

Black Chrome Pawn Roll-Top Bag is proud to offer the Chrome - Pawn Roll-Top Bag (Black) - Bags and Luggage: Rain, sleet, snow, or flood. The Chrome Pawn Roll-Top Bag can withstand just about any weather condition you can throw at it. ; Waterproof bag ideal for year-round travel or for commuters who have a lot to tote around. ; Can hold wallet, cell phone and other personal items, 24 soft drink cans, bag of ice, changes of clothes and lunch. ; Dimensions: 17W (across middle) x 5D x 19H. ; Air mesh, ergonomic shoulder straps with EVA foam back support for added comfort. ; Organizational pockets on front. ; Accommodates up to a 15 laptop. ; Does not have an integrated laptop sleeve. ; Loop handle for hauling and daisy chain lash points. ; Laser-cut, indestructible stainless steel hardware. ; Weatherproof urethane coated YKK zippers. ; Roll-top closure is watertight. ; Main compartment is spacious, seam-sealed and fully waterproof. ; Materials: 1,000 denier cordura outer shell, 18 oz. waterproof truck tarp inner liner. ; Washing ins

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