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  Erica Mini by Relic
Fuchsia Color
  Cormac Dopp Kit by Relic
Green Multi Color
  Caraway Ns Tote by Relic
Black White Color
  Blakely Top Zip by Relic
Blue Multi Color
  Blakely Satchel by Relic
Beige Multi Color
  Erica NS Top Zip by Relic
Turquoise Nylon Color
  Urban Organizer by Relic
Black Multi Color
  Bellport Double Tote by Cole Haan
Black/Black Cow Silk Color
  Fullerton Double Zip Flap Checkbook by Relic
Black/White Snake Multi Color
  Caraway Cell Phone Multifunction by Relic
Black/White Snake Multi Color
  Le Zip Tote by LeSportsac
Pineapple Tote Color
  Sylvia Tote by Frye
Black Tumbled Oiled Leather Color
  Classic 16 Tote by SOLO
Black with Blue Interior Color
  Cameron Tote by Frye
Black Antique Pull Up Color

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